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Adults Rewarded Program

The study of Martial Arts & Self-Defense Fitness is the only activity that brings together the energy of the mind, body, and spirit in Unity. If you are interested in dramatic self-improvement then now is an opportunity for you to begin this fun and exciting experience.

Parents: Looking for a safe, fun, rewarding activity for your entire family/ If so, then give martial arts a try!

You’ll just love the quality time you get to spend with your children, as all of you practice together as a family. And parents- Imagine how fast your child will excel when you become involved too!

Program Benefits Include:

Stamina & Flexibility

Self Defense Skills

Healthy Lifestyle

Family Team Spirit

Plus, Our School Offers Families:

  • Age-appropriate Curriculums
  • Special Family Classes
  • Family-Oriented Activities
  • Affordable Family Rates

Children Discover…

…an increased awareness of positive attitude, self-discipline, respect for self and others, confrontation and peer management skills, assertiveness, increased concentration with focus and confidence for better grades and other academic achievements.

Positive attitude is consistently reinforced through commitment, that all worthwhile goals are achievable. In addition, our program provides a great energy outlet and healthy lifestyle habits, while children meet new friends. Many parents tell us that Taekwondo/Karate was the best thing they ever did for their child.